I am a London/Home Counties based Photographer available for all types of photographic collaborations.

Whilst I shoot digital, I am now mainly using 35mm, Medium & Large Format Analogue Film (stills) for most of my photography work.

This also includes all elements of post-production such as developing/scanning/printing and dark room printing which is carried out by myself/assistant.

I am visually drawn by the iconic fashion, editorial and portraits images of the 60’s, 70’s, 80s & 90’s and am influenced by the many photographers of time past and present. As well as fashion, I also love street reportage, photojournalism, and underwater photography.

Most of my work involves people in way one way or another and I am always looking for good personal collaborations (non-commercial) as much of what I do is for my own projects - please contact me to discuss further !


In 2004 I started taking pictures underwater with a Digital Rig, for various reasons I stopped around 2010. In 2019 I picked up a Nikonos V underwater film camera.

Coupled with my love for analogue photography and my rekindled passion for underwater photography I am now taking images underwater again. Very recently I have put together another Underwater Digital Rig which I will be using when opportunities arise.

I hope you like the underwater album as well as the other albums.

Email: info@thephotographerbrianharris.biz or use the contact page.

"All photographs are accurate, none of which is the truth” ©Richard Avedon Foundation

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